Stephen Lucin

Stephen Lucin is an American-born writer, traveler, and publicist who comes from an immigrant family of Croatian heritage. For nearly two decades, he has worked professionally as a public relations specialist, having signed some of the most prominent figures in the fields of fashion couture, finance, men’s fashion, LGBTQ+ businesses & non-profits, entertainment, healthcare, and film & TV. Throughout his career, Stephen has enjoyed achieving milestones for clients. From landing the front page of the Los Angeles Times to arranging a meeting between a client and a former U.S. president within 48 hours, and from designing fashion lookbooks for the only living American couturier to earning top-tier media placements for countless clients, each year has brought new successes. Ever since he was a young boy, Stephen has loved writing. From poetry to prose, and from daily journal entries to philosophical insights, he has always been inspired to write about life and his observations. Stephen is also a world traveler for both pleasure and business. He has visited five continents, countless countries, and nearly 40 U.S. states. He also worked with a non-profit that brought him to sub-Saharan Africa more than a dozen times to complete humanitarian efforts, such as bringing free and rapid HIV testing to local communities, including access to HIV treatment and prevention.