Something Brewing in Milwaukee

Something Brewing in Milwaukee

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Please join Leonard Litz in congratulating the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, which recently executed a hugely successful fundraising campaign to sustain the organization and maintain delivery of its vital services. Anyone who has ever engaged in this work knows it’s far from easy. Beyond the emotional labor, the endless cycle of fundraising and grant-reporting can feel draining. In some cases, a Center finds itself teetering on the brink of unsustainability. When we at Leonard Litz received an emergency call from the Milwaukee LGBT Center seeking financial relief during a period of restoration and restructuring, we knew we had to help somehow. “After COVID, a lot of organizations felt a dip in funding,” said Ricardo Galaviz, their Associate Director. “You know, times are tough and we understand that.”

It took an entire community effort and a well coordinated media campaign, but they made it, and no one is more grateful than the very community members they serve every day.

“There’s a lot of things to celebrate here in Milwaukee,” says Galaviz. “I want people to know that this is a thriving community. It’s not just a community in crisis mode. We are in a temporary crisis mode. But as history has taught us, we have to come together. We’re all we have, but we’re also all we need.”

Kudos to the entire team at the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center for continuing to be there for the people who need you. We at Leonard Litz are proud to stand by your side in this critical moment.