LLF Supports CT Pride Coalition

LLF Supports CT Pride Coalition

LLF Supports CT Pride Coalition 323 334

In conjunction with Circle Care Center, the Leonard Litz LGBTQ+ Foundation was incredibly proud to support a Coalition of Pride Celebrations in southwestern Connecticut this year.

In what we plan to be an annual collaboration, eight different Pride groups came together to build relationships among representatives from different towns, and to identify ways to collaborate even more in the future.

Connecticut has never been gayer!

We are grateful to the following organizations, whose members worked tirelessly, often without much recognition, to bring a sense of Pride and inclusion to their respective communities:

Bethel Pride
Bridgeport Pride
Darien Pride
Easton Pride
Ridgefield Pride
Stamford Pride
Triangle Community Center
Westport Pride

We had a chance to attend many of the diverse Pride events throughout the month of June, including a fun and joyous flag raising festival in Elliot and Roger’s hometown of Easton. There will be lots of pictures and videos to come, but for now, it’s safe to say we can hardly wait for Pride 2023, when we can continue to make the CT Pride Coalition bigger, better, and GAYER than ever!